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Cubbies Information

Cubbies is a two year program for preschoolers. (Kindergarten is part of the Sparks club.) Because of space our Cubbies club is limited in how many clubbers can attend. Cubbies who have already attended one year have first place in signing up for the new year. If you would like your child to attend, please fill out a registration form or contact the office (285-9862)to be placed on the roster or a waiting list.

What Cubbies looks like on a typical night:

  • 6:20-6:30: Cubbies check in, pull their books out and have a welcome activity
  • 6:30: Club-wide opening ceremony in the sanctuary (if late, drop your child's book and bag by the room and bring them to the sanctuary.
  • 6:45: Game time/Bathroom break
  • 7:00: Story, craft, snack, puppet show, plus more
  • 8:00: Parent check out

Parental Responsibility

Because Cubbies are not able to read on their own yet, your child will have a better experience if you are willing to engage with them and help them learn. What you can do to help:

  • Read through the 4-page lesson for the upcoming week.
  • Say the verse for the week (and review verse) and have your child repeat after you. You can do this anywhere and anytime to help them remember... at the breakfast table, doing family chores, in the car on the way to ???, etc.
  • Do the extra "Golden Apple" activity if you have time
  • Sign off on all sections you helped your child with
  • Show excitement as your Cubbie brings home their patch award (iron-on is easy) Please note that no awards are given at the cubbie level if parents do not participate.
  • Sign up to share in bringing the snack for the club.
  • Your cubby can tell if this is a hassle for you or fun. Please ENJOY!!