Ladies' Ministries

There are many ways to get involved and be a part of our church family in a meaningful way, and our ladies would enjoy getting to know you.

Choose how you'd like to participate:

Bible Studies

Ladies' Night/Day Out

Retreats and Conferences

Take Courage
Fall Study

All ladies are invited to join us for the fall dinner and Bible Study beginning Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 6:30p.m.. The study is seven weeks long, but we will meet every other week, only, at Carie's home. You may order your own book (Take Courage by Jennifer Rothchild) or get $12 to Rhonda in the office by Sept. 5th and she can order one for you. Here is the Tuesday study schedule: Sept 21, Oct 5 & 19;, Nov 2, 16, & 30, and Dec 14. You may register by filling out a form at the welcome center or call the office at 285-9862.

Fellowship and Bible Studies

Our fall study will be Take Courage by Jennifer Rothschild. (see the above video promo). We'll be meeting Tuesday evenings beginning in late September. Feel free to contact Rhonda in the church office for more information, or just stay tuned to the ladies' page on the church website.

If you'd rather study with us online... we have some books available at the church. Feel free to call the office (285-9862) and we can get you one, then see the videos below.

Ladies Retreat 9/24-26

Ladies, it's time to think RETREAT! Join us on beautiful Grand Mesa for an amazing weekend. See registration information on the missions wall or HERE. See Rhonda in the office for carpool information 285-9862

Online Study

5 Days for a Difference

Watch the two-minute video to the left and be encouraged as Jen Wilkin shares how a 5-day commitment can lead to lasting change in YOUR life. You'll be glad you did.

Day 1

You'll need:

*12 minutes to watch the video

*Your Bible or a print-out of the book

*A Journal/notebook or piece of paper

Day 2

You'll need the same items as for day 1 (15 min video today)

This day will help us answer one of three important questions:

What does the Bible SAY?

Come see!

Day 3

It's a cute but messy sight to see a baby beginning to eat "solid" food for the first few times. It would be sad, though, if they never desired to pick up the spoon for themselves at some point. Want to be impacted by the Word? Today's video is 10 minutes long, and is vital for you being able to "pick up the spoon" regarding the riches in God's Word. Come see "what it means" in today's study.

Day 4

How should what I have read in God's Word change me? Explore this day how the Word can impact our prayers, actions, speech, and thinking over the long-term. You won't want to miss this! (8 min. video)

Day 5

Join Jen for the last of the 6 P's involved in rightly understanding God's Word. This 7-minute video is a great reminder that God has gifted believers with 2,000 years of collective examination of the sacred text. To think that He has called us to join in this is A-MAZING! He is SO good. You can find greater insight into this God we know and love through His Word.