Ladies' Ministries

There are many ways to get involved and be a part of our church family in a meaningful way, and our ladies would enjoy getting to know you.

Consider some of the following areas that you could participate in:

Bible Studies

Ladies' Night/Day Out

Retreats and Conferences

In-Person Fall Bible Study

Join this 8-week DVD based study today! It meets Thursdays at 5:30pm from Sept. 3-Oct. 22 at Sharon's home in RIfle (756 E 17th Street). The cost of the book is $13.99 and you can order it on Amazon Prime HERE. (Scholarship funds are available). Please RSVP Sharon by call or text to: 970-250-4705

Online study

During this time at home, we'd like to invite you to do a study with us online! We have some books available at the church. Feel free to call the office and we can get you one, then see the videos below.

5 Days for a Difference

Watch the two-minute video to the left and be encouraged as Jen Wilkin shares how a 5-day commitment can lead to lasting change in YOUR life. You'll be glad you did.

Day 1

You'll need:

*12 minutes to watch the video

*Your Bible or a print-out of the book

*A Journal/notebook or piece of paper

Day 2

You'll need the same items as for day 1 (15 min video today)

This day will help us answer one of three important questions:

What does the Bible SAY?

Come see!

Day 3

It's a cute but messy sight to see a baby beginning to eat "solid" food for the first few times. It would be sad, though, if they never desired to pick up the spoon for themselves at some point. Want to be impacted by the Word? Today's video is 10 minutes long, and is vital for you being able to "pick up the spoon" regarding the riches in God's Word. Come see "what it means" in today's study.

Day 4

How should what I have read in God's Word change me? Explore this day how the Word can impact our prayers, actions, speech, and thinking over the long-term. You won't want to miss this! (8 min. video)

Day 5

Join Jen for the last of the 6 P's involved in rightly understanding God's Word. This 7-minute video is a great reminder that God has gifted believers with 2,000 years of collective examination of the sacred text. To think that He has called us to join in this is A-MAZING! He is SO good. You can find greater insight into this God we know and love through His Word.

Bible Studies

At Grace, we believe that we are responsible for growing in our relationship with the Lord by His grace. We offer a regular ladies Sunday study at 9:00am each week and also periodical mid-week small groups to help you learn how to get into God's Word for yourself.

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