Missions Spotlight

Kevin & Kim Whelan

Who is Cadence International?

Cadence International an evangelical mission agency dedicated to reaching US and foreign military personnel and their families with the good news of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1954, Cadence Mission focuses on sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community.

 More than 200 Cadence staff serve all branches of military at more than 50 locations in the US and overseas, with focused ministries to adults, students, children, retreats, foreign military, LifeCompass and internships.

Why Military?

Military people are brave, hard-working, risk-takers, mobile, flexible, and able to follow orders at a moment's notice. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coastguard are all in. They are even willing to lay down their lives for those they have promised to protect.

Military people face unique challenges from isolation and danger to deployments and extended time away from their families. Many of them are young and on their own for the first time. They move often, and they usually build relationships quickly. Their spouses and children are special group of people also in need of focused ministry.

Cadence has seen the lasting power and far-reaching influence these military people can have when they follow Christ. They are the people group Cadence is called to and we are honored to serve them.

What Do We Do?

  •  Share the gospel and our lives by opening our homes to military men and women and their dependents.
  • We offer Bible studies and fellowship activities.
  • We disciple and mentor.
  • We work alongside military chaplains, teaching and leading programs and outreaches as requested by them.
  • We provide ministry opportunities for military people to share their faith and experience world missions.

“We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” 

I Thessalonians 2:8 (NIV)

Cadence International


PO Box 1268

Englewood, CO 80150


Stephen Chapman and Family

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am joyful, excited and nervous to be sharing the news with you all all this month. Everything is happening so fast. After getting home from our summer travels we hit the ground making connections with supporters and planning a move, not knowing where we were going. The mission confirmed our minimum level of support with supporters on Friday, August 28th. On the following Monday our new district representative called us and told us we were going home. I was slightly confused. It turns out he meant Michigan. To be precise, we get to serve Christ and the people of Clam River Chapel in Falmouth Michigan. This was quite a shock, but it was a great birthday present to know where we were going. 

Now the rush begins. We had home-selling paperwork and preparations to do along with wrapping up homeschool for the move. In talking to our district representative and the head elder it was encouraged to move up our arrival date to be the 28th of September. God has blessed to make that happen: the buyers and their mortgage company agreed to close early. This means everything here can be wrapped up before we even arrive! Please pray this goes smoothly as we finish packing, planning, and praying for our new ministry field. 

It seems our itinerary is fast paced. On the 22nd We get to pick up my mother from Grand Junction Airport to help us with the move.The 23rd is my last day of work here. On the morning of the 24th I will pick up the U-Haul and trailer. That afternoon we have a few friends who are planning to help load and have a farewell/thanks for the help meal with us afterward. We welcome any who are able to help or just want to say goodbye. On the 25th we will sign the closing documents for our home at 9:00am and hit the road for Michigan the same day.  

During this time we are still praying that God will use it to make us ready for his service. For you and for ourselves we pray with the words of the Apostle Peter, seeing evidence of their truth in the details of our preparations:

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.” (2 Pet. 3:18) 

Please let us know how you are doing. We are always blessed to hear from each of you.

Your family in Christ, 

Stephen Chapman and Family


Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

September 11, 2020

Greetings, Prayer Partners!

 Blessings to you in the name of Jesus! He is so good, and despite all the changes and challenges facing our nation, He knows and cares about each of us. He is our Rock in the midst of these crazy times. We pray each of you is drawing near to Him and experiencing His peace, protection, and provision. 


Here’s a quick update from our life and some praise and prayer points:

Yellowstone Creation Tours: We just got back from 2 back-to-back tours. What a trip! Road closures, detours, Covid closures, traffic (more than we have ever seen at Yellowstone), and “interesting” weather (sunny and warm, up to 86 – and then down to 31 and snowing) – all these challenges led to the need to make some major schedule adjustments, but things worked out well and we were able to see all the major sites we wanted participants to see.

  • Praise God for safety over many, many miles of roads and trails – and for great groups with positive attitudes.
  • Pray for eternal fruit from these tours.


Costa Rica Online Creation Action Training: We are really excited about the opportunity to do a creation training class for eager learners in Costa Rica. We are hoping to build on and expand our previous ministry in churches and schools, and training for guides in Costa Rica. This first virtual live online class is scheduled to begin September 16 and run once a week for 12 weeks. This class will be taught in English so that we can gauge content knowledge and teaching skills, but our desire is to train and equip these individuals to teach and train others in Spanish. The vision is to reach the Spanish speakers throughout Central and South America.

  • Praise God for the opportunity to do this class remotely and for the students He is raising up to take this class.
  • Pray for details to come together as we prepare – and for those who will be part of this class.


Personal Items: My ankle (MJ) is healing well, and I did great with it on the Yellowstone tours. Now our son, Tim, is laid up with a similar injury. He broke his ankle on August 31 while mountain biking. Surgery had to be postponed for over a week due to excessive swelling. He was finally able to have surgery September 8, and is now beginning the healing process.

  • Praise God for good progress with my ankle.
  • Please pray for continuing healing and strength. Also please pray that I will be able to kick a nasty cold I picked up during the Yellowstone tour.
  • Praise God that Tim’s biking accident was not worse, and that the surgery went well.
  • Please pray for pain relief and for quick, complete healing without complications, and peace of mind during this time of recovery. Also pray for Elisabeth and the kids – and the church Tim pastors – to do well during this time when Tim is laid up.


Thanks so much for standing with us in prayer. Your friendship and support are much appreciated! Your partnership helps spread the Truth of God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, to people here in the States and in other nations.


God Bless You!


Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

Alpha Omega Institute


970-523-9943 (office); 970-250-2923 (Dave’s mobile)

Bill & Penny Nichols

Bill and Penny have had plenty of ministry during these unpredictable co-vid days. Because of the church’s size, they have been able to meet in small groups with their church family with two services. Ladies Bible study has been meeting and they have had a Science in the Bible children’s class at Bill & Penny’s for ten children over a six-week period.

The town of Parachute has begun a food distribution program at the school in Debeque that they have been involved with and their church at Open Door Fellowship ran their first food bank for 25 people this month.

Bill and Penny’s big prayer request is for direction, that they would be doing God’s will and would be able to submit to the Lord first, but also the governing authorities. Continued prayers for Bill’s health are appreciated. His high blood pressure is causing issues and may interfere with his farming if doctor’s cannot find answers. He has some testing coming up and solid answers would be a blessing.

Pray they have wisdom as they want to follow the Lord in all areas.