One of the greatest blessings we have is the ability to speak to God. To commune daily, hourly, or by the minutes with our Lord and Savior. The act is so powerful that God commands us to pray without ceasing, giving thanks for everything (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). He promises to hear our prayer (1 John 5:14, Mark 11:24, Jeremiah 29:12, Job 22:27, Psalm 17:6, Psalm 102:17, etc.).

The Elders have been praying for our upcoming curriculum on prayer. This was to be our summer curriculum at Grace Bible and was to include all families and individuals in a unifying effort around this most powerful of all Christian disciplines. As we don’t know when we may be back together as a church family, the Elders have decided to advance the scheduling of this curriculum and start now.

The curriculum will include brief devotions from our Elders, scripture reading, reflection through questions, and possibly some group discussions. The study’s first devotions will be posted on Sunday, May 3rd. One of our prayers for this study is that families will utilize the lessons as family devotionals and take the opportunity to discuss prayer with spouses and children; however, we realize that many in the church do not have others in the home with whom to discuss the information. If you are interested in being connected with other members for a group discussion, please contact Rhonda at our church office. Any groups that are formed will need to schedule their own times for fellowship. 

Order Your Copy

You can either stop by and get a copy of the book from or office or order your own copy here.

Study Schedule

Below is our study schedule. Each study will be linked to the video as we go through this study together. We hope you enjoy engaging with each other through this study, and discussing it with your family and our church family. We are praying that our church has a deeper prayer life as we look deeper into this spiritual discipline.

Study Introduction

  1. Conversing with God... May 3
  2. Discovering God's Will... May 10
  3. Answered Prayer... May 17   
  4. Prayer & Spiritual Conflict... May 24
  5. Praying for the Nation... May 31
  6. Praying for Everyone... June 7
  7. Relying on God... June 14
  8. Being Honest with God... June 21
  9. Thanking God... June 28
  10. Blessing other People... July 5
  11. Praying Together... July 12 
  12. Praying with Confidence... July 19