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Ready to go deeper? Here are extra resources to help you explore and grow in your faith.

  • Faithlife Study Bible: Interact, Study God's Word, Go deeper FREE
  • Facebook Live: Watch services away, Hear God's Word, engage
  • Twitter: Engage with weekly encouragements and stay current with updates
  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and watch various videos & streaming

We also have an extensive Library that allows our folks to discover more with books, audio-books, DVD, CD's, and magazine subscriptions. These are available for checking out and using in your studies and enjoyment.

Our Pastor is also available to help answer questions, guide you through the scriptures, or just discuss with you God's Word and how it impacts our lives in such a powerful and exciting way!

Our Library
You can see books, DVD's, CD's and audio-books available for check out by going to our database online. The print and media library is open again after the morning worship service and mid-week during office hours (T, T, & F 10-2). Check-out is easy. . Books and audio-books check out for 3 weeks and DVD's check out for one week. All items can be renewed one time.
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