Current Studies

Join our fall in-person 8-week DVD based study...! It meets Thursdays at 5:30pm from Sept. 3-Oct. 22 at Sharon's home in RIfle (756 E 17th Street). The cost of the book is $13.99 and you can order it on Amazon Prime HERE. (Scholarship funds are available). Please RSVP Sharon by call or text to: 970-250-4705

We have an online study, too, as seen on the ladies' main page. You may pick up your copy of the book in the office.

Our Sunday morning large group ladies study was exploring "Culture Wars" before co-vid. We'll update here as soon as it is ready to resume.

There are plenty of opportunities for growth if you will engage! We'll see you there! Contact the office for more information. 970-285-9862

Fall in-person study